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You are the Hit Counter island member to visit this site! (ok, some of us visit more than once!) Welcome!
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DIA Information meeting is Saturday, June 15, 10AM at Koranda's, #7.

Garbage pickups are still on Mondays this year, every week thru Labor Day, then every other weekend until season end.

The American Legion charity fund drive dinners are again on Thursdays, Irv Eby's bluegrass band will be performing on July 4!

Diamond Island Independence Day Parade is on uly 6, 1:00 PM EDT, rain date July 7. starting at Hardmanís, # 49

In celebration of the 40th anniversary (yep, first parade was in 1973!), there will be a clown and childrenís face painting. The 2013 theme is a Salute to the Military.

Spring 2013

Diamond Island members:

As we post this the lake is still iced over, meaning winter is still in control, but as always, spring will follow.

The 2013 barge opening is scheduled for Friday, April 19 at noon. The hours of operation have not changed. Remember the Tuesday / Thursday hours donít start until May. The info meeting is scheduled for June 8, the general meeting on August 24.

The financial condition of the Association remains strong despite several major capital expenditures over the past few years, such as the new generator and rebuilding of the mainland gate. >>>

Also, our major fixed costs for fuel, insurance and payroll have not increased significantly, largely due to low inflation.

As a result we are able to keep our dues and fees pretty much the same as last year. The board has decided, however, to tweak the dues for second homes that are not rented. The rationale is to better align dues with ferry usage while covering our fixed costs. The dues for a second home shall only pay $250 per year instead of the current $550. This includes garbage pickup but not a window sticker, which may still be purchased at the current rate of $50 each.

Car passes for visitors, workers etc. will remain at $5, however, the cost of temporary passes will be increased from $7 to $8 each. There has been a significant increase in the number of temporary passes which is an administrative hassle so we are hoping this increase will discourage their use. Please purchase your passes in advance.

There is still a limited number of D.I.A. Glasses and coffee cups available. Contact Mike Andrasco.

Members are not permitted to operate the barge without attending a proper training session. Contact a board member if you wish to be trained to operate the barge.

Phil Bottger, president of the Diamond Island Land Corp. (center of the island), requested that we include a letter from the DIL Corp about the center island to our members. DIL is a separate entity from Diamond Island Assoc., but if you do wish to respond to his request, you may include it in your mailing to us; weíll get it to Phil and the DIL.

There are no changes to the barge schedule in 2013.

Can't remember what time you can legally ride your PWC? Curious about other Michigan Boating Laws?


  users: there is both a Diamond Lake Michigan and a Diamond Island Michigan group on facebook - neither are affiliated with their respective associations, but both are fun!


The folks running and in charge of running the barge are asking that we remind members:

  • The barge operators are instructed NOT to return to the landing after leaving the landing. It doesn't matter if the barge is 10 feet or 10 inches from shore! DO NOT honk your horn to get the operators attention. Please be considerate of your neighbors on the island and the mainland.
  • Please remember to turn off your lights when boarding the barge. Your vehicle's lights blind the operators.
  • If you are the first car in line on the island side, you may need to pull up past the "Stop here for ferry" sign in order for the operator to see you. The sign was placed there to allow vehicles to exit the barge and have room around the sewer pumping station behind the shed. If you pull up far enough you will not be in the way of exiting vehicles. This only applies to the first (or only) car in line.

Don't forget! we have a Classified page on this website -- available to members who would like to post items for sale, services available and announcements. Content is posted at the discretion of the board, pictures may be included in jpeg format. Send any requested posting to diamondislandcassmi@gmail.com.




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